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Maialino che vola, marchio di Massimo Porcelli

Creative Consultant

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If you want to communicate
in a 
+ PERSONAL  and  + EFFECTIVE  way,

marketing attitude,
it' is time to contact a


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+ Hello

I am Massimo Porcelli and, well,  I could be the + Creative Consultant + you are looking for!

For me, defining myself as + Creative Consultant + means crowning a career that has lasted for more than thirty years, first as a Graphic Designer, then as an Art Director, then again as a Communication Entrepreneur. + Commitment, + Passion + Experience to be the right consultant when you need it more creativity for you and for your company.

Today my professional experience is enriched by the collaboration with Flavia Muzi Falconi and her MyCupOfTeaAgency which signs Marketing, Communication, Events and Experience Design projects and the ambitious MyCupOfTea Pop Up/Shop which selects and promotes Niche, Creative Artisans and Designers.

+ What I do

Specifically, I create and develop "ad hoc" creative communication plans to optimize your image, to improve your visibility and your awareness, to increase and enhance your business. 

+ How I do it

You have a story and I know how to tell it creatively: I listen to your needs, evaluate your potential, analyze the commercial context that surrounds you, compare your products and services with those of your competitors.

And finally, after observing everything with a magnifying glass, I fine-tune the creative strategy + suited to the goals we have set ourselves.

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My professional experience derives

from important collaborations with large national and multinational companies.


I followed advertising campaigns for Procter & Gamble, Revlon, 

 Ultima II, Colgate Palmolive, 

 Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, 

 Simest, Cogedi International, 

 Galzignano Terme Spa and Resorts. 


I worked in communication

(Adv - in Store - BTL - B2B) for

 Pampers, Pantene, Oil of Olaz, 

 Max Factor, Pringles, 

 Colorstay Makeup, Ultima II Skincare,   Wonderbra, Playtex, 

 Acqua Uliveto, Acqua Rocchetta 

 and Brio Blu Rocchetta. 

Skills for Companies

+ Branding  

 + Lines and Products Development  

 + Sales Force Communication  

 + Communication on the Point of Sale  

 + Business-to-Business Communication  

 + Newsletter + Direct Email Marketing  

 + Partnership  + Sponsorship  

 + Endorsement   

 + Classic Media + New Media Planning  

 + PR + Press Office coordination  

 + Fairs + Stands  

 + Events  

 + Incentive

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Niche Brands

After so many years alongside

big Companies, it is time for smaller

(but no less important) Brands,

which represent the great value

of Made in Italy and which need to position themselves in the right way

and communicate creatively.


My advice was chosen, among others,

by  Mesauda Cosmetics, 

 Francesca Villa Jewelry, 

 Galleria Cavour Bologna *, 

 Amorvero Cosmetics *, 

 Anlaids Lazio Onlus, 

 Cuci e Scuci *, Ecopneus. 


* In partnership with MyCupOfTea Agency

Skills for Niche Brands

+ Strategic marketing + positioning 

 + Naming  

 + Branding  

 + Corporate Identity  

 + Product Development  

 + Online presence (website/e-commerce) 

 + Social Media Management  

 + Influencer Marketing  

 + Direct Email Marketing  

 + PR +  Press Office coordination  

 + Showroom activities 

 + Fairs + Stands 

 + Events

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Personal Branding

For over 10 years I have been involved

in the communication of   Miss Italia 

where I learned the value of personal branding which, through targeted communication activities on


To each Miss elected,

from Cristina Chiabotto to Miriam Leone, my creative research was dedicated

to make her personal characteristics and artistic talent known to the audience.


Personal branding is essential

for all those professionals who want

to be known and recognized

in the right way, balancing their professional characteristics

in the best possible way in a personal

and confidential context.

Skills for Personal Branding

 + Personal Branding  

 + Corporate Identity 

 + Storytelling  

 + Online Presence (website / blog)  

 + Social Media Management  

 + PR + Press Office coordination  

 + Direct Email Marketing  

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3 Reasons
to Work Together

 Because thirty years of experience 

make the difference 

in Creative Consulting.


Years dedicated to solving

the communication problem

 of many customers, large and small.


Years dedicated to creativity without

ever losing sight of rationality:

respect for deadlines and budgets;

choice of solutions consistent

with the requests;

development of innovative ideas

and solutions always in line

with the latest communication trends.


 Why choose me? Simple! 

 Because I have a method made up 

 of 3 important words: 

 grasp, analysis and creativity

1) Grasp

 There is no communication without understanding 

and I believe that, first of all, it is my duty to understand perfectly what you do, how you do it, what is the context

in which you operate, what your goals are.


And (since I have been a Creative Consultat

for many years now), to understand everything

about you I apply the old (but still valid) "SWOT Analysis": 

I value your Strengths and your Weakness,

I check the Opportunities and, finally,

I do everything to put you in front of your Threats.

2) Analysis

Many think that it  is impromptu, inventive and imaginative but, first of all,

 communication is a real science that analyzes many factors and variables.


Ideas also may have laws and principles:

they must be measured, weighed, calibrated, quantified, assembled before being launched

into the orbit of communication.

And you don't necessarily know or want to do all of this. That's why when you can't put your reasoning

in line and you don't find the right way to express yourself, I come into play: your Creative Consultant.

3) Creativity

 To jump to the next level, your communication has to be really creative. 

I am a "lateral thinker" who seeks and finds

the right solutions to communicate better.

I am on your side, I work with you,

I collaborate closely with your team

but I maintain the right detachment that allows me to see and evaluate all with clarity and objectivity.


And my consulting also has a great value

and a strong aesthetic significance,

because communication is not creative

if it is not beautiful, fascinating, fun, engaging.

 This is why being a graphic designer 

 and an art director yesterday is that extra  that makes the difference today! 

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Important Experiences:
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loghi olaz, p&g, maxfactor, johnson&johnson, hassler, pfizer, anlaids, rocchetta, uliveto, galzignano terme, miss italia
I have worked with:

in Contact


00185 + Rome + Italy

+39 335 7555685


Thanks for submitting!

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